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pretty wild tv show

Pretty Wild TV Show:Tess Taylor Alexis Neiers – Pretty Wild/Pretty Wild TV Show review can be found here.Last night “Pretty Wild” which is the newest reality series from E!, premiered.Just like Keeping Up with the Kardashians,”Pretty Wild” chronicles the life of the Neiers family composed of a rich mother Andrea and her three spoiled daughters Tess Taylor, 19, Alexis Neiers, 18, and Gabby Neiers, 16.But before we go any further we need to shed some light on Alexis who made headlines last year.She was arrested with five other members of what police officials are calling the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch which robbed Audrina Patridge, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox and L.A. businessman Nick Deleo back in October 2009.Here is the summary of the show.

The show follows the lives of three sisters: Tess Taylor (19), Alexis Neiers (18) and Gabrielle Neiers (15), and their unconventional Hollywood family. The series presents an unfiltered look at Hollywood from the perspective of the sisters whose jaw-dropping looks and unstructured upbringing makes them magnets for those who have fallen for Tinseltown’s many temptations.

Tess and Alexis live like the stars, from partying with the “who’s who” of young Hollywood to dating the hottest bad boys. Their eccentric mom, Andrea, a former [Playboy] model with a heart of gold, is trying to learn how to rein in her daughters, particularly Tess who she constantly struggles to communicate with. Luckily Gabrielle (“Gabby”) resists most of the trouble that seems to find her enigmatic sisters, at least so far.

Tess works as a model and is hoping her recent appearances in multiple magazines will help take her career to the next level, including into the world of music videos.

Lexi, the middle sister, has a love/hate relationship with Tess and has often been jealous of all the attention that Tess gets when she goes out. But recently Lexi is getting more attention than she could have ever imagined following her arrest as part of an alleged burglary sing. The series follows Lexi as she faces unanticipated new challenges as she’s thrown into a chaotic legal process, from preparing for her upcoming trial to dealing with the paparazzi to addressing a possible stalker situation.

Although she’s the youngest, Gabby tends to act like the most mature of the bunch and is regarded as the moral center of the family. She has been home-schooled in the past and is now trying to live like a normal teenager, from getting her driver’s permit to dating for the first time. She is deeply affected by Lexi’s recent troubles and does her best to keep the family grounded through it all.

If you like reality shows or TV shows about people who do absurd things ,well this show is definitely your cup of tea.But even if you hate these kind of series we promise you will be wildly entertained by this show and here are the reasons why:
-Andrea, home-schools the girls based entirely on the principles of “The Secret”(apparently she is not found of mathematics,history nor science ).
-The underage siblings spend 90% of their time partying in clubs, practicing their stripper pole dancing, and trying to land modeling contracts.
-Lexi’s day in court for committing a crime with the “Bling Ring”.
What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Pretty Wild.

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