Pretty Little Liars TV Show ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars TV Show ABC Family – “Pretty Little Liars” is a show that premiered on ABC this evening and it has garnered a fair amount of attention. The critics have been divided thus far on the show, but it is right up the alley for fans of shows like “Gossip Girls.” The show certainly knows their audience and caters to the young crowd through their plot lines. The series is actually based on a number of novels for young adults that were written by Sara Shepard under the same name.

After a short introduction of the five girls that the show will follow (along with their friends), we are left with a plot that follows the girls through the disappearance of one of their best friends, Alison. The girls end up going their separate ways but reunite when they all suspect that they have been receiving texts from a person who signs their messages with the letter “A,” and seems to know all of their secrets.
The girls go on a hunt for the missing Allison, and hope that they will be able to locate her, or find the person who is responsible for the text messages. Throughout the show, the girls have flashbacks of the times that they met, and the times when they were friends. These flashbacks work in the same way that they did on the television series “Lost,” and are there to build the back story for our characters while continuing the current plot.

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