Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 11: Moments Later S01E11

Pretty Little Liars season 1 episode 11 called “Moments Later” which was written by Norman Buckley and directed by Joseph Dougherty aired on ABC Family last night.

After a short winter break , Pretty Little Liars returne with lots of revelations and a boat load shockers to wrap our heads around.
Here is what occurred in this week’s installment:

First we learned that Hanna may be seriously injured – but the great news is that she in not dead.

Last night Emily finally came out of the closet and confessed to her father that she was a lesbian and that was in love with Maya. While her mother has turned her back on her ,her military dad was very supportive.

Another weird discovery was Ian’s impromptu wedding to Spencer’s sister Melissa,can somebody explain what this man is up to?
As stated above – there was an interesting confession from Aria who not revealed that she might know who A might be – but she also came out clean and explained that she was in Ezra’s car when Noel wrote “I See You” on the back.

Here is a recap of the episode:

Hanna is now in the hospital and remembers who A is. She tells the girls it was Noel Khan because she saw him write ‘I see you’ on the back on Ezra’s car while Aria and Ezra were kissing. But the girls are starting to question if the person who killed Alison and who A is are two different people. Meanwhile Melissa and Ian eloped and Emily tells her parents she is gay. Also Lucas admits his feelings for Hannah, but is heartbroken when she tells him she only likes him as a friend. The girls find out that ‘A’ wrote on Hanna’s plaster “sorry”.

Overall we will have to say that Pretty Little Liars’ episode eleven tiled “Moments Later” was a good follow up to the mid-season finale.
The installment showed once more that the show still has enough twists and turns to keep you coming back for more.
We loved the fact that the mystery of who “A” is continued to make us scratch our heads for answers.
This episode had us intrigued by the possibility of Ian being A – which would explain why he got married to Melissa.
What are your theories?
Who in the world is A?

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