Prep & Landing ABC Disney Special


Prep & Landing ABC Disney Special – On Christmas eve ABC broadcast the animated TV special entitled ‘Prep & Landing’ also known as Disney Prep & Landing.The computer animated television film focuses on one of Santa’s workers named Wayne who is about to retire when all goes wrong for him.Here is the plot of the movie:

Wayne is part of an elite organization known as “Prep & Landing” whose job is to get in, get out and ready Santa Claus’s visit to millions of houses. After a long times work with “Prep & Landing” (227 years), Wayne looks forward to getting a promotion and begin leaving “Prep & Landing” behind him, though Magee (the North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center Coordinator), informs him the next year that his former partner got the promotion, not him. Wayne is introduced to Lanny, a rookie in “Prep & Landing” to train as his new partner. Lanny looks up to Wayne, and the two head off on their mission to prep a house in the suburbs. Lanny goes up and checks on the sleeping humans while Wayne decides to slack (still being bitter about the promotion), eating a stale Christmas cookie and milk. While Lanny works on the tree, a boy named Timmy catches Wayne and snaps photos of him, proving his existence. Lanny quickly arrives at the scene and using a pixie dust grenade to put Timmy back to sleep in his bed, and deletes the photos on his camera. Santa leaves the north pole on his flight, but after Magee finds out that there is a massive snow storm and that Wayne and Lanny haven’t finished their work at Timmy’s house yet, Magee calls Santa to tell him “Figgy Pudding”- the code word for canceling a landing at a house (which has never happened before), and the two promise to make it up for Timmy. Wayne and Lanny find out the re-routing was a final decision, but after hearing Timmy thank Wayne in his sleep, Wayne decides to fix it and he calls up Santa having Magee patch through, and tells Santa that he must land at Timmy’s house because Timmy is counting on him. Wayne and Lanny then work together to land Santa safely on Timmy’s roof. On Christmas morning, Santa talks to Wayne in his office, shows him (through a magic snow globe) that Timmy had a merry Christmas and offers a promotion to Wayne, but he turns it down so he can work with Lanny.

That’s all we have for now on Prep & Landing.

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