Piers Morgan CNN:Larry King Replacement

Piers Morgan CNN:Larry King Replacement – After a month of speculation, it has been confirmed that Britain and America’s Got Talent personality Piers Morgan will be joining the staff of media network CNN.

Larry King is retiring after a long, respected career with the major network, and rumors have been buzzing about who might be set to fill his slot. Those rumors have been based around Morgan for weeks, but conflicts with his NBC contract meant there was a certain amount of doubt.

But today, NBC’s Jeff Gaspin confirmed that Morgan has had his contract renegotiated, giving him the freedom to begin hosting his own show.

What it is he will be doing, exactly, is still not known. The most likely scenario will be a dual appearance between NBC and CNN, working for both networks. But neither have confirmed this.

As for his show on CNN, there are specific formats that you can assume he will follow. There will probably be some kind of current events focus, but his role in the entertainment business makes it a fair assumption his new career might focus around that.

Hopefully, they are all less tight-lipped, and a little more informative in the near future. With such a giant in the industry packing up his mic, it will be a big set of shoes for Morgan to fill.

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