Piers Morgan CNN Deal – Larry King Replacement

Piers Morgan CNN Deal – Larry King Replacement – CNN has named a successor to Larry King after months of speculation. That successor will be Piers Morgan. Morgan worked as a British newspaper editor for much of his career, but is most known to US audiences as a judge on NBC’s hit reality show “America’s Got Talent.” The talks and negotiations are reportedly complete, and he will be the official successor to Larry King.

Morgan had to get through a number of obstacles including his visa status to his role on the NBC show. King recently announced that he would be retiring from his program “Larry King Live,” and is expected to film his final episode of the show in December. Morgan will reportedly take over the reins of “Piers Morgan Live” early next year.

Morgan knows how to reinvent himself, and also knows about the power of fame. Throughout his career he was known as the type of anchor to ask the tough questions to the people he was interviewing, which is exactly what he will be asked to do on CNN.

He released a statement saying that he was “thrilled to be joining CNN,” and also said that he had tremendous respect for Larry King and was happy that he was given the opportunity to replace him. Most news organizations have seen their number fall from a year ago, when politics were the focus of each program. CNN saw their prime time viewership fall more than 46% while their competitors Fox News and MSNBC fell much less after they moved their prime time programming to opinion shows instead of direct, hard news.

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