Persons Unknown TV Show

Persons Unknown

Persons Unknown TV Show – If one word has come out of the mouths of critics after they watch the pilot of “Persons Unknown,” it has “potential.” The show does certainly have quite a bit of potential. The show has been compared to both Lost and Twin Peaks, and continues to find a number of great reviews in critics across the country. The seven strangers are kidnapped, drugged, and taken to an unknown location in the show where they are then locked inside of a hotel. They have no idea who has taken them, are suspicious and paranoid of one another.

The show banks off many of the same things that “Lost,” did. Mystery is an ever present theme in the pilot episode and will likely remain throughout the course of the season. However, Persons Unknown is missing something compared to its predecessors; action. The show is relatively slow paced, and just does not come to the mysterious connections and conclusions fast enough for most viewers.

Most of the characters remain mysterious throughout the pilot. Perhaps if this show was going to be a long term main stay on the network the slow pace would make sense, but since it is a many series it does not appear to be moving at a pace fast enough to keep the crowd interested. Lost was great at not answering questions quickly, but creating more questions quickly enough to make the viewers forget about the previous ones. It remains to be seen whether Persons Unknown will be able to find the happy medium that Lost once did.

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