Persons Unknown Episode 5:Watch Incoming Online S01E05

Persons Unknown Episode 5:Watch Incoming Online S01E05′ – Persons Unknown’ Episode 5 called Incoming which was directed by Jonathan Frakes and written by Linda McGibney aired last night on NBC. Persons Unknown is a very short summer series that will only last a mere 13 episodes. It’s not here to provide an in depth plot that will span over several seasons. Rather, it will be a brief but yet to-the-point television series that is bound to answer tons of questions in a very brief period of time. Already the show has managed to present many mysteries and questions that have gone unanswered and of course, it won’t be a huge assortment of episodes like “Lost” or similar shows. However, regardless of the short term installment, I’m still very satisfied with what Persons Unknown has brought to the table and the direction the show is moving.

All of the characters on the show have discovered new things and we’ve learned so far that there is a mysterious figure outside of the town that seems to be watching everything unfold. One of the kidnapped civilians appears to be nothing like what they seem although all of the details are still unclear.
On “Incoming” we learn that everyone who is trapped in Mayberry 2.0 can die and they will die if things go wrong. Previously it seemed that nobody could be killed considering we hadn’t lost any of the characters. As the show begins to transpire, “Incoming” provided plenty of insight into the excitement ahead. After Tori was left sitting in a cab in town she was killed and it seems that she’s the first of the trapped people of Mayberry to be cut clean from the show.
With Tori’s body still unfound and her presence still felt, many of the Mayberry residents feel that she might still be alive. The show still has a lot of things coming about, many questions yet to be answered and it seems that the direction of the show is moving in a positive light. However, I’m remaining hopeful that we will have something bigger revealed in the near future. Some of the intentions from characters still remains unclear and it’s hard to judge what they will do or what they want to do.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Persons Unknown season 1 episode 5.

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