Perfect Couples TV Show: New NBC Comedy Series

Last night right after the big season finale of The Sing-Off where Committed was crowned the winners – NBC network premiered/gave us a sneak preview of their newest series called Perfect Couples which will officially air on Thursday Jan. 20 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern.

Perfect Couples which stars Kyle Bornheimer as Dave, Christine Woods as Julia, David Walton as Vance and Olivia Munn as Leigh focuses on three young couples dealing with marital woes such as fighting too much and talking too much.

In the special sneak preview we watched Dave and Julia try to figure out if they have fallen into a boring routine that might kill their relationship.

Meanwhile Vance and Amy have who are planning their wedding decide to purchase a new home and the bride to be learns that her husband to be has some commitment issues – that turned out to be bed bugs.
The third plot dealt with Rex and Leigh who decide to live, eat and sleep like Europeans because they are going to Italy soon – which meant it was dinner time at 7 AM local time.

Here is a brief presentation of the episode:

Perfect Couples revolves around three unique couples at various stages in their relationships, yet who face similar problems. Vance and Amy are a couple who fight a lot and have a very active sex life. Rex and Leigh view themselves as relationship experts and therefore a “perfect couple”, while Dave and Julia are considered the normal pair that everyone can relate to.

Despite having couple of good jokes inserted in the Andy Ackerman- directed series , you have to admit that the show is pretty generic and even Olivia Munn (The Daily Show, Attack of the Show)’s wild and wacky humor isn’t enough to make the series captivating.

Hopefully the writers will get the message and make the upcoming installments less predictable.

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