Perfect Couples NBC With Christine Woods From FlashForward

Perfect Couples NBC With Christine Woods From FlashForward – Christine Woods is the co-star for “FlashForward” and she now is the female lead in the NBC comedy pilot for “Perfect Couples”. The TV series is about three couples and the center is with Dave and Julia Woods. This couple is said to have a marriage that is great but the only problem is they have to work very hard with getting an anniversary night just for the two of them. Their relatives and friends keep on interfering causing them to possibly not have this special night together.

Is there a reason why their friends keep on interfering with them? Why won’t they leave them alone? Many say that it is worth watching just to find out those answers while others think that the story line is not very strong and won’t be going to see it. If you are looking for a laugh you could possibly find it with this TV series as the story unfolds. It’ll be worth watching just to see Christine Woods in it. Many like Christine Woods and she has starred in lots of TV shows before and so they know she’ll be good with this one. In FlashForward she stars as a FBI agent so this role is going to be different for her.

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