Peggy Rea Died

TV actress Peggy Rea who was best known for her roles on television shows such as “Dukes of Hazard” and “Grace Under Fire” passed away on February 5th due to what doctors have declared as congestive heart failure.

She died in her home which is located in Toluca Lake, California at the age of 89.

Those who followed her career on television also knew that she regularly had a role on “The Waltons” as cousin Rose Burton as well as a number of other shows such as Step by Step, playing the character of Suzanne Somer’s mother.

She is originally from Los Angeles and she started her career in television back in the 1960s.

Some of her first television appearances included being on the classic sitcom “I Love Lucy” as well as “ Gunsmoke”, “MacGyver”, and “Ironside”. She was well known for her diverse series of roles which she played masterfully.

There are indeed few other actors or actresses who have experienced the same kind of fame and success as she has over the years. She will be buried in Santa Barbara Cemetery in the Pines Courtyard in accordance with her wishes.

Her death certainly marks the end of an era for television and many fans will undoubtedly be disheartened by the news of her passing.

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