Paz de la Huerta Sued Over Samantha Swetraa Attack

TMZ brings us a story about the “Boardwalk Empire” star Paz de la Huerta’s vicious assault on another reality star named Samantha Swetraa who apparently suffered permanent injuries.

Swetra who starred on the reality TV show “The City” for MTV finally filed a lawsuit against de la Huerta in New York, City. She claims that Swetra punched her and hit her with a glass cup. The alleged assault reportedly occurred on the roof of The Standard Hotel in March 2011.

Swetra’s claims in court are no laughing matter as the severity of the charges point out that she’s accusing de la Huestra with assault and batter of a vicious nature that left her with severe physical and emotional injuries.

She also claims that some of the injuries are permanent.

Paz de la Huerta has been charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault and harassment.

This is like the third or fourth story this year regarding reality show stars who get involved in brutal assaults. One wonders where they get these kinds of people from. They should just put out a reality show about people on reality shows who beat the snot out of each other whenever they get the chance.

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