Paula Abdul Ex-Boyfriend J.T. Torregiani The Bachelor?

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul Ex-Boyfriend J.T. Torregiani “The Bachelor” – J.T. Torregiani who is Paula Abdul ex-boyfriend will apparently be the next lucky man to star on ABC’s hit reality show “The Bachelor” season 13.J.T. Torregiani is 33 years old ,he owns a nightclub and is currently negotiating to appear in “The Bachelor’s” thirteenth installment.According to People:

“[Torregiani] was asked [to star in The Bachelor] a couple of years ago, but he got together with Paula so he didn’t do it.” “He wants to settle down, have kids, have a family.”

To make a long story short J.T. Torregiani and Abdul met in April 2007,moved in together last October and split last month.Here is a little fun fact about J.T. Torregiani’s lavish business venture:

Now single, Torregiani is a partner in The Dolce Group, the Los Angeles restaurant group that was co-founded by Big Brother second-season houseguest and All-Stars winner Mike “Boogie” Malin.

“The Bachelor” season 13 will air on ABC in January 2009.

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