Paul Rudd & Paul McCartney On SNL Season 36 Episode 9

Saturday Night Live/SNL season 36 episode 9 which was hosted by Paul Rudd with Paul McCartney as musical guest aired over the weekend on NBC.

The writers brought back the kissing Vogelchecks, gave a skit about stumbling through life and fancy cat food -but were they able to make us laugh?

Let us dig into the episode to find out how it went.

Cold Open: Obama speaks:

We had another cold political cold opener where Obama revealed to the world that he was kidnapped for four days by the Republicans was forced him to accept the tax cut compromise and that he was now suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
Despite being very predictable – the skit turned out to be very funny.

Monologue: Paul Rudd:
We must say that ,this was not the best opener we have seen.
To be honest at one point it looked as if Rudd was making up the unfunny Paul jokes as he went along.

Feline Culinary Creations:
A pretty decent skit which was a fake commercial about how companies like Pet Chalet’s Feline Culinary Creations present fancy ingredients for their cat food but when you open the can- you discover a sloppy mess to feed your cat.

Vogelcheck Christmas :
Like countless times before -the Vogelchecks showed their invitees that they have no problem showing their affection especially around the holidays.
This skit is just disgusting.

What’s That Name?:
This was one of the sketches of the night where contestants had to guess the names of pictured celebrities and people they should know for cash prizes!
Too bad none of the competitors knew the names of their employees,cleaning ladies nor doormen.

Stublin’ :

This week’s Digital Short featured a simple song about The Lonely Island who drank too many Four Lokos and started tumbling over and over and over using Dolly Parton’s 1980 hit song Nine to Five.
McCartney’s appearance made the skit extra special.

Julian Assange Interrupts :
Julian Assange took over our TV screens once more to announce that if he is not released from prison he will be leaking more documents and mess up some of our favorite programming.

Sexually Speaking :
This old sketch simply gets better with time.

Musical Guest: Paul McCartney :
Paul McCartney took the stage three times to more or less perform four song which were “Jet”,“Band on the Run” ,“A Day in the Life/Give Peace a Chance” and “Get Back” while the show was ending.

The performances will most-likely become instant classics.

Weekend Update :
Stefan dropped by to talk about all the clubs that families should visit during their Holiday vacation in New York.

Paul McCartney made a brief appearance to impersonate Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Holiday Jam:
Jay Pharoah finally got his very own sketch where he played an asthmatic principal.
The skit was pretty decent but not spectacular.

Meryl Streep on Ice:
This was a pretty hilarious skit about how perfect Meryl Streep is.
This woman is so brilliant that she even masters the ice.

Angry Spotlight Guy:

Imagine being a great actor on stage and having the light guy ruining the show by messing up the spotlight.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Saturday Night Live season 36 episode 9.

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