Party Down Cancelled : Starz Cancels TV Show Party Down

Party Down Cancelled : Starz Cancels TV Show Party Down – Starz has announced that they will be canceling their cult comedy , “Party Down.” The show centers on a catering crew that aspires to be Hollywood actors and writers. The show has developed a loyal following since it first debuted, but has been unable to attract the numbers that Starz is looking for.
“Party Down” slipped to around 125,000 viewers during their second season. This really isn’t even enough to consider the show a “cult hit,” but the fan base was among the most loyal in the television world. The show followed six actors and writers, as well as a number of other individuals that the main six characters befriended. Each of them tried out for various gigs, hoping that they would finally be able to score their big break.

The show is a funny one, but was ultimately unable to attract enough viewers for Starz to grant them a second season. Each episode circles around the catering team doing their job at a new event. It was created and written by John Enborn, Rob Thomas, Dan Etheridge and Paul Rudd.
“After careful consideration, we’ve decided not to continue on with subsequent seasons of Party Down and Gravity,” said Stephan Shelanski, executive VP for Starz.
He went on to say that the network was looking to expand their programming. Hopefully the network will be able to replace the show with another great comedy. With Steve Carrell leaving “The Office,” there is room for another hit comedy show in the near future.

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