Parenthood Season 2 Episode 1:Watch I Hear You, I See You Online S02E01

Parenthood Season 2 Episode 1:Watch I Hear You, I See You Online S02E01 – “Parenthood” is gearing up for their second season. The show will bring another dose of adult drama to NBC, which has seen its shows become progressively immature in recent years. Although ratings for the first season were fairly low, the show grew some legs during the course of the season, garnering a mature audience for the late night spot.

Although the ratings were not as high as expected, it doesn’t appear if producers have any magic tricks up their sleeve to boost the ratings this year. The cast will remain a large ensemble cast, and the producers are not looking to change their formula going into the second season.

“Parenthood” shows that some of the larger networks are learning from the experiences of smaller networks, most notably AMC with “Mad Men,” and are allowing their better shows to slowly build a following. It seemed as if in recent years many shows were cut when they were not successful out of the gate. Unfortunately, many of the shows that found success right out of the gate (“Heroes” for example) were gimmicky and were unable to keep up with the high quality television that many of their viewers demanded.

By allowing their better shows to build an audience, they are showing that they are concerned with the long term success of their programming. “Parenthood” is a slow paced, adult show that took a while to garner the following that it did. Its second season which is much like the first in that focused on the entire family, and did not boil down the cast a few chosen family units.

In the season premiere called “I Hear You, I See You” we discovered that indeed nothing has changed-the cast is still too big and there is too much going on all at once.
However few scenes did stand out more than others:
Crosby’s long relationship is not really working first his Skype shuts down during Jasmine’s dance and then she is forced to cancel the weekend.
Zeek had the brilliant idea to fix the roof which made it worst of course.As for Kristina, she was her usual self by not letting Haddie learn to drive and by going nuts on some veggies.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Parenthood season 2 episode 1.

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