Outsourced TV Show: Watch Pilot Outsourced New NBC TV Series Premiere

Outsourced TV Show: Watch Pilot Outsourced New NBC TV Series Premiere – ‘Outsourced’, the new comedy show on NBC, stands out from the shows which precede it. Following on from “Community,” “30 Rock” and “The Office,” the show as it’s work cut out for it. It’s similar to being a band having it’s debut performance after the crowd being warmed up by Elvis, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. So, essentially, for that program, it’s either make something of equal quality, or get shafted out of existence.

Watching the show’s debut, it seems as if the show is set to be outsourced to the garbage bin. Despite having a quality cast, Ben Rappaport, Diedrich Bader, Rebecca Hazlewood and Anisha Nagarajan, the show falls flat and fails in many areas, from it’s extremely poor jokes to the horrible job of simulating Mumbai and a call centre there.

The jokes show a lack of creativity, intelligence, wit or humour. They’re the same jokes that the ignorant have been saying for years. Indian food is gross and makes you have to go to the bathroom! Misogynist Eastern cultures produce timid women! Don’t you just hate it when you call customer service and get one of those horrible foreigners?

‘Outsourced’ looks set to be destined to be out of touch with the times, relying on the viewing of ignorant fools, not a good market to be aiming at.

What are your thoughts on Outsourced pilot?

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