Outlaw TV Show NBC Pilot – New Jimmy Smits TV Series

Outlaw TV Show NBC Pilot – New Jimmy Smits TV Series – Outlaw pilot episode 1 which was directed by Terry George and directed by John Eisendrath aired last night on NBC. It’s hard to imagine Jimmy Smits in a role where he isn’t lovable especially when he plays a public servant, which provided us with the old serious yet playboy Jimmy Smits that we all know and love.

Unfortunately for him, despite his gritty performance in the show, “Outlaw” suffers from a terrible script and plot that can, at times, leave the audience very confused about what it going on. Smits does a great job with what he’s given but the series is just too out of order and unrealistic for a normal audience to follow.
A supreme who dumps everything to become a lawyer in less than 24 hour ? Really?

Smits plays a conservative who decides to renounce his ways to become more liberal, resigns from the Supreme Court and sets out to change the system. It sounds like something that was made for a television show pilot, but the way that the plot is executed makes the story seem lesser.

The cast that surrounds Smits is not all that great either. Some of the names and faces may be recognizable, but it is hard to tell where the bad writing stops and the bad acting begins. At times, the dialogue is boring, and it comes off as an unintentional comedy.

After Smits appearance on “Dexter,” which was excellent, one would hope that he would receive an offer to appear on something of “West Wing” caliber. Unfortunately, “Outlaw” falls short in just about every category and likely will not make it through its first season.

Not many Republicans/conservatives will like this series but it could capture the attention of few liberals who believe in fighting for equal rights and justice for those wrongfully accused.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Outlaw season 1 episode 1.

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