Outlaw Episode 2: Watch In Re: Officer Daniel Hale Online S01E02

Outlaw Episode 2: Watch In Re: Officer Daniel Hale Online S01E02 – Outlaw season 1 episode 2 called “In Re: Officer Daniel Hale” aired last night on NBC. Jimmy Smits new role in “Outlaw” may not have earned him the critical acclaim that he was hoping for, but the show about a Supreme Court justice who leaves his position to start his own law firm has the eyes of those interested in Arizona’s Immigration Law. The show first debuted last week, and portrayed Smits as a gambler and womanizer.

With the second episode airing on Friday night, all eyes tuned in to watch how they handle the topic of illegal immigration, which was heavily covered throughout the second episode which will feature a white Arizona police officer who is charged with shooting a Latino that he suspected of being an illegal immigrant.

The case quickly explodes around the community, drawing protest from a number of fictional groups. Garza rushes to the community, but shocks everyone when he says that he would like to represent the white officer, and not the victim who was shot. The officer throughout the episode is heavily accused of being racist, and the side that he chose causes a major debate between Garza (Smits) and his coworkers.

It is strange that a television show would want to tackle a topic as large as the Arizona immigration law in only their second episode where the officer was found not guilty. It is clear that they were looking to stir up conversation about the show, but if they are not careful they could create negative conversation and scare away some of their loyal viewers.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Outlaw season 1 episode 2.

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