Oprah Winfrey Show Finale Ad Rates Skyrocketing

Oprah Winfrey wants her 25 year reign as the talk show queen to go out with a bang. Actually a million dollar per 30 second bang.

Oprah’s show is closing shop after a quarter century on daytime TV so she can focus on her new OWN cable network. In the finale episode of her daytime show she wants $1 million per 30 second spot from advertisers.

The company Horizon Media, Oprah’s asking price for the finale episode isn’t a record breaker but is indeed up there in the top three. Only the finale of “Friends” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” got higher ad rates.

Since Oprah’s finale will be a tearjerker to the millions who have watched her program over the past 3 decades, Winfrey should easily get that number and perhaps deserves more.

Right now she’ll need that extra cash to get her OWN cable network going as viewership has been dropping since it’s launch. If Winfrey can get clear of her daytime duties and focus more on OWN she might be able to get it to be a solid network on it’s own.

Already she’s got comedian Rosie O’Donnell in an exclusive talk show contract and on top of that, she should be able to call on the top stars here show has not only spotlighted but launched their careers.

It’s going to be an historic event in entertainment when the final curtain drops on the Oprah Winfrey Show and at closing with $1 million per 30 second spot, the closing commercials might be of Super Bowl excitement and quality.

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