Oprah Winfrey Network Investigating After Next TV Star Votes Controversy

Oprah Winfrey Network Investigating After Next TV Star Votes Controversy – The Oprah Winfrey network will be investigating claims of vote rigging in a contest for an upcoming show. One young man named Zach Anner with cerebral palsy had made a video, and was leading. Then, suddenly, his supporters noticed that his votes started to move backwards instead of forwards on the website. The show that he was trying out for would allow him to host a whole hour long TV series himself. Some have speculated that since the young man has some difficulty speaking clearly, the network did not want him to host the show.

Representatives for Oprah quickly denied that she had any involvement in the rigging of the votes, and said that they would investigate the matter.
“This is Oprah – she helps people for a living,” said Zach Anner, 25. The man who supposedly had his votes rigged. “To think people are saying she’s rigged the voting against me doesn’t compute for me. It’s not what I believe.”
With speculation looming, the Network said that it would investigate the matter. The runner up, Tucker-Wicks,received 300,000 votes in a little less than 20 minutes, leading some to believe that the votes had not been cast and instead were just placed in the system by a third party who did not want Anner to win.
“It’s just absolutely nuts,” he said. “I would have to be delusional to expect this. I expected my mom and her friends to watch it. That would have been good enough.”

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