Oprah On The Daily Show Endorses Jon Stewart Rally To Restore Sanity

Those of you who regularly watch The Daily Show With Jon Stewart will know that Stewart has set up a ‘Rally To Restore Sanity’ that is set to take place in Washington DC. On Thursday, Oprah Winfrey had a huge surprise for the audience members who were watching in the studio for that day’s episode. Oprah and her team had hidden tickets to Washington DC for every single member of the audience so that they could attend Stewart’s rally. Not only this, but she had also organize accommodation for the audience member too. She said that she was showing her support for the rally, which she had also demonstrated on Twitter earlier on.

The star said to Stewart that she believed that we needed more sanity in the world, and that she wanted to show her support. She added that she had gotten her staff to sneak into the studio with a little gift, which was the tickets for the audience members which she had hidden under the chairs in the audience.

If you are one of the many people who would like to show your support then the rally will take place in Washington DC on the thirtieth of October. If you would like more information then there are plenty of places to get it, but the most accurate would probably be the many Twitter pages full with details! Oprah Winfrey will probably have more details on her Twitter page too once the time is nearer.

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