Only 47% Need TV: Television Becoming Obsolete Survey Says

Only 47% Need TV: Television Becoming Obsolete Survey Says – With the emergence of Internet streaming television and movies, both legal and illegal piracy, it isn’t surprising that television is slowly moving to the wayside, become a form of obsolete technology.

Even with services like satellite, digital cable and digital recording devices, it is still more efficient (and much cheaper) to just stream what you want online with a cable or DSL connection.

While this is obvious in some regards, the sudden decline over the last five years has been surprisingly steep, Pew Research Center has said.

As part of their Social and Demographic Trends Project, they have seen the number of Americans who say the TV is a must-have in their home drop to 42%, a drop of 10% from just last year, and down from 64% in 2006.

But that isn’t the only technological trend to see a shift.

The landline telephone has dropped from 97% of Americans having one in 2001 to only 74% today. By comparison, 84% have cell phones which they say they couldn’t get by without, or just wouldn’t want to try. With some phones being able to act as an instant messenger, Internet browser, television, radio, MP4 player, camera, video recorder, gaming device and more, in addition to the now secondary nature of making calls, it isn’t surprising.

With online video, 52% of Americans say they watch online, which is a major increase that is steadily continuing to go up. At this rate, all television will end up moving to Internet programming, which won’t be far off. Already, devices like the X-Box 360 or Roku streaming box can allow you to play movies through WiFi onto your television with services like Netflix.

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