One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 3: Watch The Space In Between Online S08E03

One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 3: Watch The Space In Between Online S08E03 – One Tree Hill season 8 episode 3 called “The Space in Between” which was directed by Greg Prange and written by Mark Schwahn aired last night on The CW.

“One Tree Hill’s” latest episode has come under fire for not advancing the story line enough. The episode follows around Quinn and Clay. There really is not all that much action in the episode and the most action packed scene in the episode is likely when Mouth tied a cherry into a knot with his tongue.

Clay blames himself for Katie shooting them, even though everyone else pretty much blames Katie. Clay is the focus of the episode but really contributes nothing throughout. In the end, Clay convinces Quinn to go back to her body.

Clay is comatose throughout the episode, but is still a part of the story through a number of flash back scenes. He is scheduled to come back at some point. As of right now, having his character just lie there is really irritating especially when it is clear that he is going to be coming back at some point.
Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley spend most of their time sitting around the hospital being bored. They talk quite a bit about their feelings throughout the episode but it never seems like anything is going on that is significant. Most of the hospital scenes are pretty boring throughout.
Brooke, meanwhile, is not at the hospital showing support for Haley. She and Julian have a number of vital conversations that might be the highlight of the episode, but ultimately are not involved enough in the episode to play a vital role.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on One Tree Hill season 8 episode 3.

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