One Big Happy Family TLC TV Show

one big happy family

One Big Happy Family TLC TV Show – One Big Happy Family is yet another reality show about an obese family that aired on TLC last night.The show which focuses on a family ,the Coles in which the mother, father, daughter and son each weigh more than 300 pounds is creating a lot of buzz ,for many see it as another way for TLC to exploit a family for ratings.Here are the recaps of the two first episodes.
One Big Happy Family episode 1 Troubling News:

It’s not easy to move through life as an obese person. And the Coles family knows this better than most. Mom, Dad, daughter and son are each over 300 lbs. But as big as they are, their love for each other is bigger.

One Big Happy Family episode 2 We Must Change:

When some medical issues surface, Tameka is determined to make some changes in the family, and tries to push everyone to eat right and exercise. The whole family bands together in the face of some harsh truths from the Doctor.

What is your opinion on a show which follows a morbidly obese family who are doing all they can to lose weight on their own?
That’s all we have for now on One Big Happy Family.

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