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Octomom On The View ABC – Octomom on the View videos/Nadya Suleman aka “Octomom,” on the View videos can be found here.Nadia “Octomom” Suleman was grilled by the ladies but she simply replied with her obnoxious laugh.Suleman talked about raising the children,how she paid for her fertility treatment and her future business plans.Here is her interview.
Whoopi Goldberg :Do you understand why people think a mom of 14 is maybe… not quite all there?

“I’ve asked myself that for years too.Everyone goes through life, some people in varying degrees… wearing certain clouded glasses.I was in denial for so many years thinking, ‘Oh, I’m so smart, you know, I have a year more for my masters, right? I can do it all. I’m strong. I study all night long. I get straight A’s and I’m taking care of my kids, six of them, no help. Not one nanny,.So I’m delusionally thinking, ‘Oh, I’m gonna keep going. Oh [I’ll] have one more. What’s one more from six?’ OK, so this happens… It took this monolithic experience of having eight simultaneously to completely, completely alter, wake me up, and alter my mindset permanently.”

Barbara Walters: “Do you think you are all there?”

“I think, absolutely.I want to answer it this way. In true, genuine, mental illness, we all know that if you are exposed to extraordinary stressors, in any way, you will most likely, not be able to tap inside yourself and pull out the reserves and pull out the resources and strengths you need to survive and continue to cope and to continue to stay afloat. If I were genuinely mentally unstable, I would [have] drowned from the beginning.”

Nadya on the baby weight she lost:

“No, I didn’t. I had to build muscle.The main reason was obviously for revenue and I’m the first to admit it.I have to admit I did it for the revenue. And I’m the first to admit it. I’m very, very open and honest about that.”

Nadya on supporting her family:

“Every hour of the day, every single day, I contemplate how I’m gonna do this… to be able to support them.It’s a double edged sword. It’s a catch 22. If I go back school — I had one more year left for my masters — I couldn’t possibly make enough money to take care of them for a couple of months.So, the only other option is to delve into other opportunities, [to] secure selective opportunities… In the past, [I] was being in the midst of survival mode, doing interviews, which I didn’t want to do.”

You can watch the entire interview below.

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