Obama On The View

Obama On The View – President Barack Obama will be appearing on the popular morning women’s talk show “The View” on Thursday. It will be the first appearance by a president on a daytime TV talk show. Obama is likely going to try to rally support among women, who have turned against him in the polls in recent months. The July 29th appearance will be taped on Wednesday, the day before it airs. He will be asked a number of questions including some about jobs, the economy and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They are all touchy subjects at the current moment, and it will be interesting to hear what his plans are for the future.

Barbara Walters, who recently had surgery and has not been appearing on the show, will be making her first appearance on the show for the Obama episode since she had her surgery in May. Barack Obama first appeared on the program in March 2008, when he was first trying to become the President of the United States. His wife Michelle also appeared on the program as a featured co-host that same year.

“We are so pleased and honored that President Obama will be a guest on ‘The View.’…This shows that both the president and first lady feel that our show is an influential and important source of information and news,” Walters said.
“The View first premiered in 1997, and features conversations between a number of celebrity hosts who appear on the program on a daily basis. The program currently features Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherry Shepherd.

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