Norwegian Cruise Line: Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 12 On CBS

Undercover Boss/Finale Season 2 Episode 12 called “Norwegian Cruise Line” which featured Kevin Sheehan who is the CEO of the cruise ship company aired this evening on CBS.

Just like in all of the previous episodes of Undercover Boss the current CEO of a well known company gets the opportunity to walk in their employees’ shoes for few hours.

This week we met Kevin Sheehan who is the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line was asked to work undercover in three different posts on the following ships – the Norwegian Epic and Pride of America and of course he failed at most of the tasks that were given to him.

Taking on the role of Peter Francis, an unemployed New York City cab driver, Sheehan discovered that his first job would be a Deck Repairman on the Pride of America in beautiful Maui with the help of John where he had the chores of spraying the ship down with water.

Sheehan who learned John’s wife was pregnant decided to offer him the opportunity to go on an all expense trip with his entire family.

In job two Sheehan jumped aboard the Norwegian Epic in Miami where he teamed up with Jessica of the Recreation Staff in order to help people with the repelling wall but as it turned out – the boss himself was having difficulties learning the job.
For her hard work – she was put into a management training program.

In job three he was rapidly ousted by Sylvia while working on the ship’s restaurants.
But she agreed to keep secret.
For her dedication Sylvia was told that her wedding was going to place on the ship and was promoted to Senior Waitress.

Kevin Sheehan was given his last job on the Norwegian Epic, where he was asked to work with Michael of the Cruise Staff.The CEO had a great time teaching over 1,000 people fun dance moves.
After learning that Michael lost his mother to cancer – he was made the Assistant Cruise Director on the Norwegian Epic, and is given funding to draw awareness to the illness.

Here is a brief recap of the episode:

Kevin Sheehan, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, one of the world’s largest cruise companies, finds himself in uncharted territory when he’s asked to lead nearly 1,000 party-goers in a line dance, and is later forced to reveal his true identity after being recognized by an employee,

Overall it was great episode where we learned that some employees can keep a secret and that a serious boss can have some unexpected dance moves to teach his staff members.

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