Nona Sivley: Hell’s Kitchen 2010 Winner

The latest winner of reality show “Hell’s Kitchen” has been announced, and it looks like Nona Sivley is taking home the title. Chef Gordon Ramsay, host of the show, recently revealed that Sivley was the victor after she wowed the judges with a five-course meal that was inspired by Southern-style cuisine.

However, despite Sivley’s win, there was one person who was unhappy with the results—her competitor, Russell Kook, who said, “I’m not happy at all” while blaming his teammates for the loss.

After being announced the winner, Sivley said, “I fought and I fought and I fought, and this is so amazing. I am so thankful. This was a huge sacrifice, missing my son’s first birthday, missing his first steps.

But it was absolutely worth it to make his life better.” She had said that her goal throughout the competition was to try and make a better life for her son and husband.

As the winner of the show, she will now be taking the head chef position for the LA Market, which is in the JW Marriot Hotel located in Los Angeles. She also gets to be the spokesperson for Rosemount Estate Wines.

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