Nikita CW – Maggie Q is Nikita 2010 – New TV Show

Nikita CW – Maggie Q is Nikita 2010 – New TV Show – “Nikita” is a brand new show on CW that has been gaining popularity since it was first announced. The story has been the host of several other television series’ and movies before, and it is back for another round but with a little twist – the series focuses on the hot killer but we quickly learned that she has an associate who is helping her from the inside. The series will follow a young woman who is forced into a secret government organization that trains her to become a sexy assassin. Nikita is alright with this (seeing that if she refuses they would have killed her again), until she falls in love, which hampers her ability to kill the people that the government would like terminated.

She leaves the agency, and is on the run, always a step ahead of the agency that is after her and is able to seriously screw up their missions. The CW remake will allow the show to focus on her personality. Many of the other attempts to cover the “Nikita” story have focused on her time with the agency, and not what she does once she is out.

It will be interesting to see what changes are made to the supporting characters from the previous versions of the story. Nikita has always had a love interest, but never one that completely inhibits her ability to perform her job.

Shane West plays Michael, the Division agent who has been tasked with hunting her down and getting rid of her. He was the agent that was responsible for training her, so the thought is that he will know how she thinks and therefore will know how to kill her but too bad he has feeling for her. Will Nikita be able to change her patterns and avoid capture?

You will have to follow the series to find out who she is working for and how will she bring down the agency.

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