Nichole Hiltz Drinking Problem

More news comes out about Nichole Hiltz who stars in the show “In Plain Sight” regarding her detainment by police for suspicion of child neglect.

Hiltz, 32, had been boozing it up and actually called police in what is described as a very slurred speech and talking in gibberish last month on May 31. When the police showed up at the address they fond the blonde blitzed and apparently unable to take care of the child who was with her at the time. She had then been arrested on a possible child neglect charge.

The charge is a misdemeanor and her spokesperson says the entire incident is a misunderstanding. She didn’t remain in custody for long and was released.

However, with the fact cops knew at the door that she was drunk, no word is how drunk in regard to the alcohol content in her blood like tests done during DUI stops.

The cops thought she was stewed enough though to take her into custody and find out who should have been caring for the child that was in her custody.

More info is coming for sure.

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