Nichole Hiltz Arrested

Nichole Hiltz, the star of the “In Plain Sight” show was busted by police early Tuesday in Los Angeles on suspicion of child neglect.

Needless to say her child was taken into protective custody by the authorities. This all took place after cops had to show up at a residence, Hintz’ apartment in West Hollywood on a disturbance call.

The cops did their duty and made an assessment of the situation which led them to conclude that Hintz had a date with a jail cell. They arrested her and took the child into custody.

No word on where the kid is being held now but Hintz was held on suspicion, not charged, with misdemeanor child neglect in the mid afternoon. She’s now out free.

Her attorney told TMZ that it was all a misunderstanding.

That being said the bottom line is the safety of the minor child and that the matter is cleared up.

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