Next Food Network Star 2010 Winner: Aarti Sequeira

Next Food Network Star 2010 Winner: Aarti Sequeira – Update: Aarti Sequeira and her magical recipes have won the competition, beating fellow contestants Tom Pizzica and Herb Mesa.

Who do you believe is the “Next food Network Star?” Will they be able to take all of the heat that Rachel Ray is dishing out? She will be directing the Top 3’s pilots for the shows that they have chosen to launch. A focus group will take a look at each of the program, and one of them will receive their own show on the network. If the other two are good enough, the network will also likely take a look at picking up their shows.

Herb Mesa used to be an overweight child, and claims that he really knows cuisine. He has had a hard time coming into his own in front of the camera, but over the course of the last few episodes he has really been able to figure out the type of show that he would like to run and hone his skills.

Tom Pizzica has a big personality in front of the camera. He has been the front-runner for most of the show to receive his own show on Food Network, and going into the final week his victory will depend on his final performance and the pilot for the show that he would like to make.
Aarti Sequira, a popular food blogger, brings her Indian-style cuisine together with an American taste that has made her the favorite of many viewers. It will be interesting to see what the pilot of her episode looks like. The fact that she specializes in Indian cuisine could potentially limit her fan base.

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