NCIS Season Premiere 2010:Watch Season 8 Episode 1 Online S08E01

NCIS Season Premiere 2010:Watch Season 8 Episode 1 Online S08E01 – NCIS season 8 episode 1 called “Spider and the Fly” which was directed by Dennis Smith and written by Gary Glasberg aired last night on CBS.

NCIS made its return last night for its eighth season. With most of last season’s storylines still unresolved, NCIS has the daunting task of wrapping up those cliffhangers in their premiere episode . The opening of the episode was huge, and could potentially be a real game changer for NCIS. It is clear that the producers wanted to start this season off with a bang, so we hope that fans did not miss the first minute of the new season, as it contained an event that will essentially be a catalyst for the rest of the season.
Believe it or not Jackson managed to escape from Paloma and ended up living with Gibbs for 24 hour protection.

Two members of the Gibbs’ team McGee and Ziva feel that their investigation of a helicopter pilot’s murder where Paloma was involved could lead them down a road that they do not want to go, and could uncover some things from our main characters past that they would rather not find out.

As if that was not enough to handle Franks pops out of no where and tried to convince Jackson that it is time to take action.
At this point Gibbs realized that the situation is getting too serious so he set a deadly trap for Rivera where he ended killing his own sister.

It was a pretty solid episode where even DiNozzo was forced to confront the demons of his past .The producers have made it clear that they will be taking a deeper look into the pasts of most of their characters season, deviating from their usual episodic format and instead opting for a more streamlined, season-long story arc.
It is strange that they have decided to deviate from their usual format in their 8th season, but most fans seem to be excited about the prospect of finding more out about the characters that they have come to love over the course of the first seven seasons.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on NCIS season 8 episode 1.

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