NCIS Season Finale 2010

NCIS Season 7 Finale

NCIS Season Finale 2010 – NCIS Season 7 Finale /NCIS Season 7 Episode 24 called “Rule Fifty-One” which was directed by Dennis Smith and written by Jesse Stern aired last nighjt on
The popular show NCIS recently wrapped up their seventh season. They have been a series that has been known to deliver excellent finale’s to their seasons, and this season is certainly no different. During the course of the season finale, Ziva was able to obtain her American citizenship, but the plot of the episode focused mostly around Gibbs. As previous seasons, this years season finale was met with rave reviews and continues to garner a large amount of attention from media outlets around the world.

Gibbs, unfortunately, had to live through the murder of his wife Shannon and their daughter Kelly. It was the defining moment in his life, and he would later hunt down and kill the man responsible, who ended up being a Mexican man who was living in Mexico. Gibbs had done this on his own, and the act had been eating away at him since that time. The event was not shown in the show until the storyline was well underway.

Retribution begins to take some sort of hold in the NCIS season 7 finale. Both of the children of the Mexican Man that Gibbs killed have been planning to avenge the death of their father for a number of years in the show. The season wraps up with uncertainty, and viewers will have to wait until September to get a good idea about what will happen to Gibbs. The daughter and son of the man that Gibbs killed would like different things out of the retribution. Alejandro, the son, would like to see Gibbs killed. Paloma, the daughter, would like to see Gibbs suffer as they had from the killing of their father.

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