NCIS Season 8 Episode 4: Royals And Loyals S08E04


NCIS season 8 episode 4 called “Royals and Loyals” which was directed by Arvin Brown and written by Reed Steiner aired last night on CBS.

In the new episode of “NCIS” the team was called to investigate when an American Officer/ a Petty Officer dies during a mission, and while investigating the team learns that there might actually be a connection to a British Vessel in the area. As it turned out the Mi6 accused of the horrible crime was innocent all along and it was the woman heading the CIA who was laundering money who murdered the guard after he discovered what she was up to.

“NCIS” is currently the most popular show on television, and has continued to see its ratings rise throughout the first three weeks of the season. Although this week’s episode did not advance the side story lines that much, it was a great one that showed us how well the team can work together to solve a complicated murder in a hurry.
As usual there were some very scenes that had us rolling on the floor:
Like when Gibbs told Malloy that in ten seconds he was “accidentally” going to shot him for trespassing.
Another funny moment was when Tony decided that it would be a good idea to break into Ziva’s email again and got busted again.
Ziva asking Malloy for quickie.
Next week on NCIS Season 8 Episode 5 titled “Dead Air” we get to watch the gang investigate the deaths of a controversial DJ and a Naval Officer are shot.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on NCIS season 8 episode 4.

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