NCIS Season 8 Episode 2: Watch Worst Nightmare Online S08E02

NCIS Season 8 Episode 2: Watch Worst Nightmare Online S08E02 – NCIS season 8 episode 2 called “Worst Nightmare” which was directed by Tony Wharmby and written by Steven Binder aired last night on CBS.

NCIS started their new season off with a bang. It is currently the number one show on television, and has captivated audiences as they wait to learn more about our main characters past. Tonight’s episode will feature a number of television stars that have played roles in other series. All of our investigators will be coming together to solve the case that was featured of the upcoming episode, “Worst Nightmare.”

Sam Anderson of “Lost” fame had a guest starring alongside William Devane of “Knots Landing.” They were assisting the investigative team with finding a missing girl. In “Worst Nightmare” we learned that the young girl’s grandfather who once worked with the federal agency to search for child who were abducted but as it turned out the kid was taken by his former team member who was out for revenge.

We also got to see Gibbs attempt to deal with having three interns following him around and getting in his way throughout the episode. It does provide some comic relief but really does not do anything for the story line.
It is nice to see Sam Anderson receive another role after the end of “Lost.” He was great throughout as Bernard, and is now attempting to find a new role. If his character is liked enough as a guest star, he could potentially try to earn a recurring role on the show. The team was be able to find the missing girl alive with the help of the high profile guest stars that appeared on the show.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on NCIS season 8 episode 2.

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