NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 1: Watch Human Traffic Online S02E01

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 1: Watch Human Traffic Online S02E01 – “NCIS: Los Angeles,” season 2 episode 1 called “Human Traffic” which was directed by James Whitmore, Jr. and written by Shane Brennan/“NCIS: Los Angeles,”Season 2 Episode 2 entitled “Black Widow” which was directed by Kate Woods and written by Dave Kalstein aired last night on NCIS.

“NCIS: Los Angeles,” came back with a double episode where viewers finally got some information regarding the mysterious past of Callen, everyone’s favorite character in the show. In its typical fashion, the questions that were answered last season only seem to spawn more questions about Cullen. It will certainly make for an interesting second season of the runaway TV show.
Callen received some key information about his sister in the finale of last season, but the final seconds of the episode we learn that someone has been following Callen for quite some time. This plot line will be part of the long term story arc of the show that prides itself on being both episodic and having long term elements at the same time, easily interweaving both types of arcs for a new and innovative way of storytelling.

Sam, who is played by LL Cool J returned with his great banter in the second season. There will also be a number of other guest stars will play in occasional roles throughout the second season of “NCIs: Los Angles.”
With all of the focus on Callen, it will be interesting to see what they creators are willing to reveal about his past. So far, they have only released a few key details, but they seem to be keeping the viewers satisfied, but still hungry for more information. You can expect to see Callen be the main focus of the show throughout the second season which means there might be be less action and more emotional stuff will be taking place.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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