NBC Outlaw Cancelled?

NBC Outlaw Cancelled? – It might be a surprise to many but NBC’s new show starring Jimmy Smits did not make it very far .The network announced that the show is on a temporary hiatus and production will be suspended after only three episodes were broadcast.

So far, eight episodes have been produced. The company will continue to monitor the ratings and the show could continue if things improve over the course of the next few episodes but we doubt that it will -despite Smits’ impressive acting skills it looks like he can not carry a series by himself.

Smits plays a fun loving Supreme Court Judge who gets tired of the system and returns to being a lawyer to work against the system that he hated. By all accounts, Smits does a very good job with what he is given- which is a terrible supporting cast and unrealistic situations.The show last week average 4.7 million viewers but was easily beaten out by the competing Friday night cop drama “Blue Bloods.”

With only three episodes aired, things are already not looking good for “Outlaw.” Ratings will have to see a huge upturn if the network is going to pick the show up for a second season. They have yet to cancel the show, but that seems to be the next step if things to not start to pick up.
Smits said when he was initially interviewed about the show that the show gets better as it goes along. Hopefully “Outlaw” will be able to pick up an audience as it goes along. For Smits, this is his real first comeback attempt since he starred on “Dexter.”

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