NBC Fall Schedule 2010 Is Aggressive


NBC Fall Schedule 2010 Is Aggressive – NBC has faced some troubles in recent years, especially after the Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien fiasco that took place in 2009 that is still fresh in the minds of many viewers.The terrible year for the network did not end with the bad press, as the network finished in fourth place among the popular networks. NBC had attempted to make a move from scripted TV during the prime time hours and instead to place Jay Leno in an earlier time slot. This didn’t work out as expected, and Leno soon returned to his later timeslot after he was not able to garner the ratings that the network had hoped for.

In response to the dismal year, NBC is launching some very ambitious new programming this upcoming year in hopes that they will be able to convince viewers to begin watching their network again. One of the more popular additions in this upcoming year will be a new Jerry Bruckheimer drama that is about catching criminals who are on the run, along with another “Law & Order” spin off, as the original series was canceled.
“Heroes” will not be making a return after they saw their ratings take a nose dive in the middle of last season. Many people had said that the show had lost its way, and was just too different from the series that was shown in the first season to keep the viewers interest. This is one of the reasons why the popular show “Lost,” on ABC decided to call it quits after their 6th season when they were still in their 4th.
“We’re proud of this schedule,” said Jeff Gaspin, chairman of NBC Universal Television. “We think it represents what NBC has been and what NBC wants to be.”

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