My Life As Liz Season Finale:Watch Episode 9 The End Of The Beginning Online S01E09

My Life As Liz Season Finale:Watch Episode 9 The End Of The Beginning Online S01E09 – My Life as Liz season finale/episode 9 called “The End of the Beginning” was broadcast on MTV last night. The last outing of the show was full of surprises ,tears,laughter and the kiss fans had been waiting on all season long.In “The End of the Beginning” Liz and the rest of the gang graduated from Burleson High but the partying came to a hauling when she dropped the bomb-she is leaving Texas and will be moving to New York. But as usual there was always something to complicate Liz’s life ,after going on a crazy road trip, Bryson told her how he felt about her.Here is the summary of the episode.

Liz realizes just how much she’s going to miss Burleson High, hugging Cameron and Sully on her last day of school. Bryson tells Sully he’s going on a long road trip right after graduation so he doesn’t influence Liz’s decision.Sully, Taylor and Annie are having a great time at graduation until Sully reveals that Liz might be moving.Liz is upset when she can’t find Bryson after they’ve officially graduated.
After Sully tells Liz about Bryson’s road trips plans, she steals his bike and ditches her own party to find him.Liz maps out the pros and cons of New York and Texas as she tries to make her decision.
Six weeks later, Liz hugs her mom as she prepares to move to New York.Liz’s friends present her with a surprise “We Heart Iz” message, missing the L since Troy is running late.Taylor gives Liz a photo album documenting the best moments from high school.Sully hugs Liz, begging her not to go – if only to wait until Troy gets there.Troy and the others watch the tender moment, shouting for Liz and Bryson to kiss already.
Liz and Bryson decide to save their first kiss for a more private moment.

Scripted or not it was a very moving episode where it was kind of sad to tell the gang good bye and we watched them march full speed ahead into adulthood.
Will there be a My Life As Liz season 2? Or was this the last we saw of Liz,as of this moment the network has not commented on the matter.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on My Life As Liz Season Finale.

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