My Generation Canceled : New ABC TV Show CANCELLED

My Generation Canceled : New ABC TV Show CANCELLED – “My Generation” was canceled by ABC this weekend, it joins Fox’s Lone Star among canceled shows this season. My Generation was aired at 8 pm Thursday, a very difficult time slot where the competition is tough.

“My Generation” fought against The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Vampire Diaries, Community and footbal on Thursday nights.

This does not seem a good spot for a new show to succeed. Unfortunately, the new series has not survived and low ratings for the first two episodes pushed ABC to make the decision and put something else on Thursdays to try to compete with other networks.

The comedy-drama began with 5.2 million viewers and fell 31% to 3.9 million for its second episode. ABC still does not know what it will broadcast to serve as “lead-in” for Grey’s Anatomy.

The Whole Truth, another ABC drama starring Maura Tierney is also in trouble. Many experts are predicting its demise in the upcoming weeks.

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