$#*! My Dad Says TV Show Pilot CBS-Watch Season Premiere Online S01E01

$#*! My Dad Says TV Show Pilot CBS-Watch Season Premiere Online S01E01 – William Shatner returned to television in a new role on the new series called “$#*! My Dad Says.” It is a new comedy that premiereed on CBS and is unlike any off the other comedy sitcoms on the network. The idea was sparked from a Twitter account, believe it or not, that would Tweet different things that his dead said in their everyday lives. The dad will beis by William Shatner, and the son who started the Twitter account is played by Jonathan Sadowski. The account has incredibly funny tweets, but a number of changes have been made to make the show translate to sitcom form.

Some of the things that were said on the Twitter account would not translate well to live TV based on the regulations that have been put in place by the FCC. Many of the tweets will have to be edited for them to appear on TV, but the show is expected to use a number of the Tweets that showed up on the original Twitter account.
Shatner should have been the perfect man for the role because he was once able to pull anything even afoul mouthed dad that is hilarious even when he isn’t trying to be.We thought it would be an interesting show but it turnout to be a very bad pilot ,the main stars poorly act out their roles, the script is horribly written,and the characters are so cliche to even be mentioned.

The network had high hopes for the show, which is evidenced by the fact that they were willing to pay Shatner a large amount to portray the part -too bad when they gave him the check they forget to ask him to be funny.

“This dad is really a crazy old man!”

What are your thoughts on the pilot?

That’s all I have on $#*! My Dad Says TV Show.

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