Monica Beresford-Redman Death Of Survivor Producer Wife

Monica Beresford-Redman Death Of Survivor Producer Wife – The former producer of the popular television show known as “Survivor” has seen a devastating blow to his life just recently. His wife Monica Beresford-Redman was found laying in a sewer dead in Mexico. It seems that things might not be completely against Bruce Beresford-Redman, the “Survivor” produce and “Pimp-my-Ride” co-creator because he has been arrested by the police and is suspected to be the primary suspect in the death of his wife. Although so many people thought that Bruce was the high roler and the celebrity, it seemed that Monica had her own great things going for her as well. She owned and was the sole operator of the extremely popular bar and restaurant in California known as Zabumba Bar & Restaurante which was in Venice Beach, California. It had become a place for her to go and relax and get rid of any problems she may have had in her life.

So many different people had come to the bar weekly it had become their home as well. Thursday and Sunday evenings had been the bars biggest nights for the last seven years of its existence.
One of the attendants there was quoted saying “Monica created an atmosphere of a close-knit Cuban salsa dancing community. The entire Zabumba family is devastated, it was like her second family. Her death is very tragic and sudden. We are all keeping her family and friends in our prayers.”
Monica’s sister told the New York Daily News that the two were having severe marriage issues and that the troubles were beginning to become the spotlight in the family. In fact, the day of her death they were seen by a guest at their hotel arguing with each other.

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