Modern Family Season Premiere 2010: Watch Season 2 Episode 1 Online S02E01


Modern Family Season Premiere 2010: Watch Season 2 Episode 1 Online S02E01 – Modern Family season 2 episode 1 (2010 season premiere) titled “The Old Wagon” aired last night on the ABC television network. Modern Family was a real game changer last season with charismatic characters and exceptional performances. The mockumentary won six Emmy Awards, including Best Comedy Series, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, for a total of fourteen nominations. Can Modern Family do better in its second season? Let us find out with ‘The Old Wagon,’ first episode of the second season (25th episode.)

In The Old Wagon: After much stress, Claire convinces Phil to sell the old family station wagon, but not before making one last trip through the streets of memories, Mitchell – the “working” with all sorts of tools to construction – decides to build a castle for Princess Lily … in size, Jay Cameron calls for help with the project; Manny invites a pretty girl for an evening of home study, a situation that bothers a little Gloria.

Cam and Jay had a lot of fun Wednesday night at Mitchell’s expense who is not as good with tools as he would have liked to be. The different exchanges in this trio, also served as bonding moment for Cam and Jay, with the father in law telling his son in law “you are a man too.” The line on its own proves how much progress this peculiar relationship has made. Mitchell also did some growing of his own, by finally admitting that he was kind of awkward in life.

Gloria and Manny welcomed a young lady in their cocoon, who wants to get Manny to eat healthier things. The young boy is in love in the beginning follows everything the young girl tells him to do. This new shift of power and influence quickly annoys the hell out of Gloria, who originally did not want to be like other Colombian mothers who have problems dealing with in-laws. Gloria quickly discovers staying neutral will not be an easy task. Manny ends up dumping the girl, which looked like a victory for the mother, until she discovered that her son already had his eyes set on another girl. Gloria then goes crazy, finding out that letting a child go is a very difficult thing to do for a mother. That storyline was hilarious, especially the scene where Gloria lied to the girl about the deliciousness of her special recipe.

The Phil and Claire plot was decent but was not the best of the night for us. It dragged a little bit.

Overall pretty good episode for a season starter, hopefully things will only keep getting better.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Modern Family season 2 episode 1.

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