Modern Family Season 2 Episode 4: Strangers On The Treadmill S02E04

Modern Family season 2 episode 4 called “Strangers on the Treadmill” which was directed by Scott Ellis and written by Danny Zuker aired last night on ABC.

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 critically acclaimed Strangers on a Train this week our favorite brother/sister duo Mitchell and Claire decided to asked each to commit a little crime for the other one-Claire would ask Cam to stop wearing those awful tight revealing biker shorts when he goes exercising in the park and Mitch would find the courage to tell Phill that he is not at all funny so he should not try to be a funnyman at his big banquet.While Claire keeps her end of the bargain-Mitch was unable to tell his brother in law to stop with the jokes.
Meanwhile a sister bonding moment takes place when Haley tries to help nerdy Alex be cool on the phone with another poplar girl named Mackenzie.

But poor Alex she got too cocky too fast and loses her cool and ended telling Mackenzie during a little meltdown over homework:”homework.” “It’s not work if you love it.”“Call me later. Or I’ll call you. I love you!”
Over at by the Pritchett family Gloria made Jay feel guilty for not caring and not even knowing the names of his Latin employees who are having a big quincenera.
Needless to say they go to the wrong party and Jay ends up making a fool of himself while trying to impress his wife.

Here is the plot of the episode:

Claire and Mitchell enlist each other’s help in trying to spare their significant others from embarrassment – Cameron from his unfortunate wardrobe choices, and Phil from his joke-ridden speech for the realtors’ banquet. Meanwhile Jay tries to prove a point to Gloria by attending a quincea-era thrown by one of his employees, and Haley gives Alex sisterly advice on how to be cool

Overall it was very good episode where the three pairings had solid storylines full of jokes and even a bit of character development.
Too bad there was not much interaction between the characters this week- but then again each one of them can carry a solid plot on their own.
The episode ended nicely with Phil Dunphy who is no straight guy making his wife very proud even if she does not really understand his jokes.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Modern Family season 2 episode 4.

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