Modern Family Season 2 Episode 2: Watch The Kiss Online S02E02

Modern Family Season 2 Episode 2: Watch The Kiss Online S02E02 – Modern Family season 2 episode 2 called “The Kiss” which was directed by Scott Ellis and written by Abraham Higginbotham aired this evening on ABC.

The critically acclaimed “Modern Family” kicked off their second episode of their second season tonight on ABC. The runaway success of the show was a surprise to ABC. The humor is similar to that of “The Office” and fans can look forward to more awkward hijacks moving forward. Last week’s episode, titled “The Old Wagon,” was nonstop laughs. The crew returns tonight and hopes to recapture that magic.

We got to see Alex become interested in a boy for the first time but when Claire becomes overprotective of the youngest she makes makes the fatal mistake of asking her oldest daughter Haley to talk to her little sister.Poor Alex she ends up telling the boy that she likes that she would love for him to kiss her in front of his entire soccer team.

Phil Dunphy and Luke had a hard time fixing a printer, which made for some great laughs throughout the episode.We also had a great time watching Gloria trick Jay into beating the crap out of chickens in the episode, as she tries to make some more traditional Columbia food. Jay is not as thrilled as you might think he would be about the entire chicken-beating ordeal, but ultimately decides that he has to go along with it and even agrees to wear a pair of shoes around his neck.

But the best scene of the installment came when Mitchell finally decided to finally kiss Cam publicly,while Jay decided to kiss and hug all of his children including Manny.
The series seems to have picked up right where it left off and is constantly delivering laughs with each new episode. With no slowing down in sight “Modern Family” is poised to take the void that will be left by Steve Carrell when he leaves “The Office” for good.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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