Modern Family Season 1 Episode 22:Watch Airport 2010 Online S01E22

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Modern Family

Modern Family Season 1 Episode 22:Watch Airport 2010 Online S01E22 – It seems that a lot of the TV series nowadays replicate each other where ever possible, so watching a couple of shows in row can be extremely boring.This is one of the reasons why Modern Family “Airport 2010” has managed to be so successful. It offers viewers something totally different, with some good twists and excellent scenes in each episode.

Of course, they are certainly not the best, and not everything in this episode worked according to plan. One of the good things though, is that the Modern Family was back and played their part to a tee.

The opening of this episode starts with the fact that Jay and Gloria are off for a great vacation for Jay’s birthday. Of course, it is meant to be just the two of them. This show being what it is,there was only likely to be the two of them for a short period of time. Instead of having alone time, Gloria manages to get tickets for the rest of the family, something that Jay is less than happy about!

The trouble does not stop there though and extends past Jay himself. Preparing to fly is easy for some, but certainly not for Claire. She hates flying and she is so nervous she starts to attack Phil, saying that he is not paying her enough attention and is abandoning her.

As usual, the “Airport 2010” always materializes into something or another. This episode made for a funny, but surprising turn of events. Take Hayley for instance, she is still in pursuit of a boy in the airport. Of course, that comes to an abrupt end when she realizes the comic book assignment she remembers, makes the boy 14 or younger, obviously not her type!
Manny being questioned by the cops,and Cam having the keys while Mitchell tried to find his ID were pretty funny.

If “Airport 2010” producers keep it up, they will continue to gain viewers.

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