Million Dollar Money Drop Invites Brittany May & Gabe Okoye Again After Right Answer Screw-up

Who would have thought that Fox could make a mistake? Well, they did. On the game show, “Million Dollar Money Drop,” contestants bet money on different answers to trivia questions.

They physically place the cash on a platform that represents what they think is the right and answer. If it is not, the platform collapses, dropping the money, and ruining the contestants’ chance to obtain the cash.

The contestants are couples, who often argue over what is the correct answer. This is where the show’s drama usually plays out. However, in this case, the network was the one who provided the wrong answer.

This particular question asked what went on sale first: the Macintosh computer, the Sony Walkman portable audiocassette player, or Post-It Notes.

The couple went with Post-It notes. The pair, Gabe Okoye, 25-years-old, and Brittany May, 23-years-old, were told that they had picked the wrong answer, as they hopelessly watched $800,000 drop.

It turns out that Fox isn’t always right. Post-It Notes came out in 1977, released two years before the Walkman came onto the market. Fox has decided to give the couple another chance, after a substantial Internet uproar.

Yet, Okoye and May aren’t even sure they are going to go through with it. Okoye cited the high amount of stress involved in participating on the show.

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