Miley Cyrus SNL Review w The Strokes

Saturday Night Live Season 36, Episode 16 which was hosted by Miley Cyrus and featured The Strokes as musical guest aired this weekend on NBC.

Last night had some fresh pieces on Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, strange facial product that comes with a rock CD and some old sketches about fat babies and crazy French kids who like to dance instead of talking about their problems.

Here is the recap of the episode that seriously looked like a musical.

Duh! Winning! Cold Open:
Bill Hader tried to play Charlie Sheen who has a TV show and invites Moammar Gadhafi, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera and John Galliano as guests to talk about the fact they all have one thing in common: Winning.
Sheen has said so many stupid and crazy things this past week that it is very hard for writers to come up with funnier lines.
Who can beat tiger blood?

Miley Cyrus Monologue:

Miley Cyrus knows she is not perfect and sums it all up in song where she explains that she is not that bad of a role model even-though she smoked salvia, got half naked on stage, leaked her own private pics online.
Maybe she is right, at least she did not steal a necklace like Lohan and dated a porn star like Sheen.
But it was still a snoofest.

This sketch is old but it still scary, we mean funny.

Our Time With Taboo and
Ever wondered who in the world are those other two guys from the Black Eyed Peas, well there names are Taboo played by Andy Samberg and played by Kenan Thompson and now they have their own show.
The singers really wanted to share their lives with us by kept getting interrupted by Miley’s Fergie.
The duo also took the opportunity to interview the least famous Kardashian of them all – Abby Elliot’s Khloe Kardashian.
Not the best fake talk show we have seen, but it had it some charm here and there.

New Products:

Kristin Wiig and Cyrus play two friends stuck in the 1980’s by the look of their hairdos who are asking buyers to order their Rock-A-Billy Lady Party cream, and you’ll get a free Moisturizing Facial Cream CD.
The sketch was painfully long and unfunny.
Whose idea was this?
Didn’t they test this on the audience before actually doing it?
So many questions so little time.

Disney Channel Acting School:

Do you want your child to be the next big Disney star?
Of course you want them to end up like Lohan,Britney and Cyrus so just enroll them in the Disney Channel Acting School and they will get professional teachers who will teach to be loud, stupid and make weird remarks while riding a Segway.
Despite being very realistic, the skit turned out quite funny.

Miley Cyrus Show:
Vanessa Bayer’s Miley does her worst Charlie Sheen impression yet, talks about her upcoming film Always say Always and welcomes Justin Bieber played by the real Cyrus to her show to talk about his new hair, the wink and flipping the birdie at paparazzi. Other than the revelation that Bieber has a “Swagger Coach, the whole skit falls flat.

Weekend Update: Winners and Losers

Since 2009 we have watched the Weekend Update decline in quality despite Seth Meyers efforts.

So after watching him rank the winners and losers in the wake of Charlie Sheen’s recent behavior and tried to mock last week’s headlines we were about to pray that they remove that portion of show.

And then a miracle happened – they brought back Anthony Crispino who made us laugh uncontrollably with his lies, confusion and misunderstanding of things happening in the world.

Les Jeunes de Paris:
The sketche was as confusing and abstract as the first time we saw it few months ago.
We still wonder when will Nicolas Sarkozy take some action to stop this massacre. LOL.

Mocking Beastly in which stars Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer, Miley and Andy took the roles of the lovers who must overcome tragedy in order to pursue their romance.
But of course there was a little twist, Samberg’s Kyle Kingson/Hunter is actually a nerdy guy instead of being scared.
Too familiar to be funny.

Cruise Ship Entertainer:

Cyrus plays a cruise singer who spents her time making up songs about how gross, old and pathetic her audience member are.
This was probably one of the best skits of the night:

The Strokes gave two very solid performances of “Under Cover of Darkness” and “Life is Simple in the Moonlight” both songs are taken from their upcoming album “Angles” out March 18, 2011.

We were expecting a more controversial and memorable episode instead we had of bunch of actor impersonating other celebrities without funny scripts .
What do you think about the episode?

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